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Floral Beadwork Brooches and Earrings by KHandsjewelry

Latvian designer, Jekaterina Denisova, of KHandsjewelry says jewelry is her life. Her passion for beadwork certainly shows with her wonderful collection of beaded floral brooches. 

She has been beading for almost twenty years, continually striving to improve and design new pieces. She also enjoys photographing her work!

I chose my favorites from her flower pin collection. These illustrate her talent for form and color. I also included a few from her earrings collection which also shows her contemporary touch. 

Jekaterina's tutorials are shown below.  The poppy pin is stunning.  I also love her snowflake bracelet tutorial which is double sided. 

Before You Go :

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  1. lovely work!
    there are some familiar designs I've seen before.

  2. Wow, beautiful work! I love that red flower with the gold leaves.

  3. Often the designers you pick just scream a one word response - WOW!

    This is one of those designers!

  4. Thanks Pearl for featuring these wonderful designs.


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