Our inspirations come from many sources. It could be the traditional folkart as it is the case with Jūratė Kibildaitė, who is from Kaunus in Lithuania.  She is a crafting enthusiast as you can see from the different techniques she uses in JKHandmadeShop

What first caught my eye were her unique wood and leather earrings.  The brightly patterned wood buttons are set against meticulously hand stitched leather backgrounds. Sometimes, she uses just charms against the leather to great effect.

She also creates incredibly detailed Easter eggs and Christmas balls which have a 3D effect. Each takes her many hours to complete. She starts with clear plastic eggs or balls which is then 
.... decorated inside using cold porcelain technique, modelling paste, hand-painted with acrylic paints and water based varnish for protection.
Each egg is a one of a kind design. 

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