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Lariat Style Necklaces and Other Beadwork Tutorials by ABFBEADSCreation

Beaded lariats are such lovely alternatives to long rope necklaces. There aren't any clasps but the ends serve as focal areas. These necklaces can be worn wrapped around and around the neck and/or simply knotted in the front.

So I was particularly glad to have stumbled upon the designs of Belgian beader, Anne of ABFBEADSCreations. She has a number of lariats and other beaded designs. She also has kits and many beads for sale. 

A couple of her designs are not true lariats. Instead, there are smaller beaded ropes which are wrapped around the main rope. Neat!

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  1. lovely! I like lariats but I'm not good at remembering them when choosing my necklace for an outfit.

  2. Beautiful lariats! Where is the leather lariat article?

    Thanks again for another wonderful and inspiring newsletter, Pearl!

    1. My apologies! That particular tutorial is no longer available. I will remove the link. Thanks for letting me know.

  3. Her color choices and beading techniques are stunning.


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