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Fart Inspired Jewelry | Roland the Farter

You didn't misread the title.  There are indeed jewelry designs which are inspired by flatulence! There is clearly a market for such humorous accessories.
Flatulence humor has existed for thousands of years. Probably the oldest joke ever recorded dates back to 1,900 BC Sumeria and it was a fart wisecrack. 

What impressed me most of this niche collection of gag gifts is the creativeness of the designers and the range of ideas and techniques.  The Best Farter Ever (shown above) by MoonspunWhimsy as well as the World's Greatest Farter Father key chain by DanielleJoyDesigns are both lovely stamped designs.

The beautiful knot necklace by XerieArtAtelie shown below, is meant as a loving gift for a mother. The fart reference is actually in the packaging.  Great Mother's Day gift idea! The increasing amount of progesterone as a pregnancy advances, relaxes muscles including those of the intestines. Digestion slows down, leading to bloating, burps and alas, embarrassing flatulence. 

I just farted in Braille is one of the coolest designs I've come across. Kate of NEATartiststudio has a wonderful range of ceramic braille jewelry. She used to work with the blind, helping them with their ceramic artwork. She helped them sign their work in Braille and the idea of braille ceramic jewelry took off from there. 

Unicorns, in mythology, were considered pure and innocent creatures. So some wisecrack came up with the idea unicorns could not possibly do the unmentionable thus "unicorns fart rainbows and burp butterflies"!  

Roland the Farter

Toilet humor isn't limited to small boys.  Flatulists (professional farters) have been entertaining the masses for centuries.  Augustine of Hippo wrote in his 5th century book, City of Gods, of flatulists who had "such command of their bowels, that they can break wind continuously at will, so as to produce the effect of singing."

Medieval Court Jester

Roland the Farter was a 12th century court jester to King Henry II of England and his court. He is one of the earliest flatulists ever recorded in history. The historical document, the Book of Fees, records what he was paid for  -“unum saltum et siffletum et unum bumbulum” - Latin for "one jump, one whistle and one fart". His skill at the annual performance for the King's Christmas festivities was such that his act was the finale. 

He was rewarded with a manor house in Hemingstone, Suffolk and 12 hectares (30 acres) of land for his services. This was a huge fortune for a humble medieval peasant. 

Who knew farting on cue could pay so well?


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  1. That's funny! one of my sons is notorious for his farting, I see a great Father's Day gift!

    1. Poor guy! But I'll bet he will be a good sport with the gift!

  2. This is really something new - Fart jewellery! That ought to get the attention of teenage boys right there.

  3. HAHAHAHAHA! What perfect jewelry - especially for someone like me - a celiac! Celiacs are notorious for having gas.

    I love that these people are bringing out jewelry for something people find either disgusting or embarrassing - or really funny. Putting it out there (no pun intended) brings it out in the open and normalizes it - which is great!

    This reminds me of the gal who was selling her farts in a jar for $100 a fart. She recently had to quit due to abdominal problems for forcing her farts. LOL! Back to mundane life for her! Perhaps she needs one of these necklaces!!

    Such fun!

    1. $100 for a jar of farts? Must be tricky to check the « merchandise before the sale!!! LOL

    2. there you go, Pearl, another feature for your blog... selling one's farts. her reason for quitting the sales is... poetic justice?


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