Supporting Ukrainian Artisans

It's not often I come across great jewelry tutorials for both men and women.   But Ukrainian artisan, Konstantin of KNOTSFindsTUTORials offers bold designs using 550 paracord.  This is a strong, waterproof material which dries quickly. 

What makes his bracelets and necklaces distinctive is the strong use of metal elements especially the clasps. The skull one is particularly eye catching!

Remarkably,  Konstantin who lives in Kyiv with his wife and 3 sons, is still keeping his finished paracord jewelry shop, KNOTfinds, open.  But in a recent message to me, mail is not working so he is depending on his tutorials for a living now.   This BBC news item reports on how fast the Ukraine's head of railways has to move ahead of potential assassins. He and his staff work under dangerous conditions to keep the country's rail system repaired and functioning, not just to transport refugees to safety, bring in aid, but also export whatever Ukraine manages to produce. 

Alen said :
I am an ordinary guy who has a hobby, this is work with high-strength and waterproof materials. I have been making such bracelets for a long time. Initially, I made such bracelets for the Ukrainian military. My brother is fighting now, and I made paracord survival bracelets for him and his colleagues. But the strangers who saw my work began to contact me and ask me to make bracelets for them. I decided that I could show my work not only in Ukraine, but throughout the world.

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