The Estonian wire artist behind Suzy Wong Studio has a great wire bangle tutorial which is easy enough for beginners to have a go at!  Along the way, she demonstrates the use of the tools you will need. 

She uses irregular nuggets for this design. You can also use the tutorial for graduated beads.  

She does a couple of things differently from other wire artists. First, the wire which holds the nuggets does not extend to the clasps. Instead, the ends of this wire is used to wire wrap around the focal area. She also uses wire wrapping to cover up the wire join in the hook end of the clasp. Neat!

One variation is to use square wire for the foundation with half-round wire for the wrapping.  The latter makes it easier to wrap around the square wire. 

I think it best to stay with the wire gauges she uses.  It might be easier to use thinner wire but you won't have the visual impact of the thicker wire. 

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