Men today are wearing more jewelry than ever before, finally breaking the two century stranglehold for on Western male attire set by Beau Brummel (see my past post : Beau Brummel : A Regency Dandy's Minimalist Jewelry Style).  Before then, men wore jewelry just like women did - see the enormous pearl dangle earring worn by Sir Walter Raleigh here

Greek metalsmith, Emmanuela Alevizpoulou of EmmanuelaForMen, caters to this trend in a stunning way with her wonderful sterling silver collection.  She also designs for women. The pieces are antiqued and sometimes very heavily oxidized. 

Shown here are some of my favorites from her designs for men. I found it difficult to curate because so many pieces were outstanding..  Her earrings include both dangles and studs.  The black panther ring shown above is particularly noteworthy. 

Emmanuela has always been creative in her youth. Not surprisingly, she chose jewelry making as her career. She explained :
So I decided to study the art of jewelry. At the same time I started working as an assistant in one of the most important handmade silver jewelry workshops of my city, where I gained considerable experience and learned the secrets and techniques of silversmithing next to a successful craftsman.
Today, Emmanuela has a team behind her including two other makers and family members. Her husband is the photographer and curator while her brother is the man behind customer service!

H/T to Aims of Big Blue Barn Designs

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