Why am I not surprised so many of you loved Patricia Parker's book,From the Flowering Fields : Creating 3D Flowers with Seed Beads? Judging from the comments in last week's giveaway, the gorgeous depictions of lovely blooms were hard to resist.  I agree with Cally Ross, these are "flowers that don't die!"

I thought some beaders might gravitate to certain bead stitches but Kathy Lowe pointed out, "This would be a great way to learn those stitches that I don't know!"  Good point! The book is a wonderful resource to all. Nancy said, "I've done beaded flowers with seed beads on wire, but never could figure out how to use bead weaving to get similar results. These flowers are amazing! Can't wait to get the book."

Some like Holly Kuzman, had a potential good use for the tutorials. She said, "This book looks amazing! I have been making flower pins as a fundraiser for Ukraine & would love to expand my repertoire of blossoms."  She is not alone. Audrey B added, "I started making some sunflowers recently (thinking and praying for those in Ukraine as I do) and I would love to create more different kinds of flora - and the caterpillar and dragonfly too."

The book's info site on Blurb was briefly unavailable last week.  Rest assured it is fine now. However, one lucky reader will soon receive her free copy!  I numbered all the eligible entries and got the random number generator over on random.org to do the picking. The winner is Melanie Silver!  Congratulations!  Melanie is a nominative determination buddy with me - her surname and my given name suits us as jewelry makers!


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