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Lovely Collection of Beaded Fringe Earrings Patterns by HelenBeadPatterns

Supporting Ukrainian Artisans

Many people love making beaded fringe earrings.  No wonder because brick stitch is not hard to do and the project is soothing and rewarding. The basic layout is also akin to a canvas. 

The Ukrainian beadwork designer of HelenBeadPatterns definitely takes advantage of that canvas potential. 

Helen has well over 100 bead patterns using 11/0 seed beads. She covers a lot of topics including the ever popular gnomes as well as seasonal designs. There is something for everyone. 

Some of her best are the feather and SouthWestern style designs.

These are just patterns complete with bead and word charts and legends. No instruction is given as it is assumed you know how to brick stitch. 

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  1. In theory I know how to brick stitch but if I use anything other than Delicas/Aikos/Toho Treasure, I get weirdly curved triangles. Probably I am just out of practice. Probably I should just get some patterns and practice -- that last one you show looks like it will go very well with a split loom necklace I am working on right now if I swap out the gold for silver.

    1. You are right that we have to practice lots to get our tensions right! Sounds like that split loom necklace is going to be gorgeous!

  2. some of my favorite beading patterns! I've made a few of her gnome earrings. the patterns are clear and easy to work.


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