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Gorgeous Polymer Clay Jewelry Tutorials and Stamp Making by PolymerClayTutorials

Virginia based Eugena of PolymerClayTutorials  clearly loves coming up with new techniques as you can see from her beautiful faux cloisonne (above), faux leather and faux metal (both below) tutorials. 

Eugena says :
My tutorials describe first of all my new techniques, while projects are used for illustration. I always make sure that each step is clearly explained and accompanied by a high quality close-up picture and include explanations for preventing and correcting possible errors.
She is clearly a seasoned polymer clay instructor as she anticipates and guides students through unfamiliar methods. 

Eugena also has a couple of lovely leaf tutorials for nature lovers. Her open work tutorials look so organic in neutral shades. 

Last but definitely not least, is her tutorial on how to make your own custom stamps for polymer clay work. I think you can also use her technique to make cutters too! You do not need to have to learn 3D printing!

Faux Leather polymer clay tutorial

Faux metal polymer clay tutorial

Open work polymer clay bangle tutorial

Open work polymer clay  tutorial

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  1. I have no place to work right now (really, you'd believe me if you saw my dining room, which is covered in beading supplies and wool for spinning) but I did favorite the shop for future exploration as I like a lot of these.

    (Again this is Sneaky Burrito, apparently the commenting system doesn't want me to use my Google account...)

    1. Hi Sneaky - Try the usual trick and clear your computer's cache. The commenting system is working for others. I know what you mean about space. My craft room is filled to the brim!

  2. I've never heard of "open work" with clay! that's beautiful and looks challenging.


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