One of my favorite wire jewelry instructors on Youtube is the Vietnamese artisan, Lan Anh Handmade. Clear instructions and often innovative designs.

She actually has two wonderful ocean wave inspired bangle tutorials with accompanying ring designs. My favorite is this bangle tutorial (shown above) which introduces color with beads. 

It requires careful bending of wire bundles like in braiding. My suggestion is to use masking tape whenever possible to keep them in groups not just at the ends as demonstrated.

I like how she neatly finished off the wire bundles at each end.  The ring is trickier to do as it is smaller.

The other wave inspired bangle tutorial shows a series of repeating motifs which are secured to the bangle foundation.  The scrolling is done as one continuous piece. This is an advanced project. 

A noteworthy detail about this design is how she makes the hook clasp which helps to keep the bangle secure.

I wonder if the band aids on her fingers were from her wire working adventures. Wire working can be hard on the fingers. I find that I cannot use this technique all the time. 

She also has an accompanying ring tutorial - more challenging for being smaller. 

One of the most famous and recognizable wave is depicted in  the 19th century wood print called The Great Wave Off Kanagawa by the  Japanese artist, Katsushika Hokusai (1760-1845). The wave is sometimes referred to as a tsunami wave, but the correct term is okinami or great offshore or rogue wave. 

Many of you may have seen this artwork a number of times as I have.  But did you ever notice the people in the boats struggling in the sea?  I never did until it was pointed out to me by an art historian! 

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