Locks and keys have been in use for 6000 years.  The first ones were made of wood. The Romans invented metal ones.  Since then, people have made all kinds. The vintage ones can be especially lovely. 

The first is a "watch this" artisan work his craft as he replaces the head of a modern key with a beautiful cathedral window inspired top. The instructor is Spanish metalsmith, TogaArtAcademy.  

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Not a metalsmith?  You can easily embellish old keys with crystals and all kinds of components with glue. 

This Glitzy Key Pendant tutorial by The O'Neil sisters. A good craft glue I recommend is the Starbond Medium (use BGSB15 code to get 15% off).  Less messy than E6000.  But you can also use the fine nozzle glues like G-S Hypo Cement or B7000 for precise application.

Never throw away defunct keys! Collect them yourself and from others. Perhaps even at yard sales and flea markets. You can also buy old keys from other collectors. 

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