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Some of the world's best known artists and their artworks have inspired others to design other pieces in homage. But one of the most challenging media to do so is in beadwork.  

Hanna Hapulo of Namystynky does so with her beaded fringe earrings. This talented artisan manages to capture the essence of the specific canvases which inspired her.  She also creates other beautiful designs. 

Hanna explains : 
I have started creating these pieces of jewelry with my sister Oksana. We have both studied art design at the Lviv Academy of Arts in Ukraine. Initially, creating jewelry was our long-standing hobby, but after our art school training, we decided to launch a small business. We have been producing beaded jewelry for over 8 years. Over these years we had lived and worked together. Since I got married last year, I moved to another place, so now we are working separately.
Hanna lives and works in Lviv which is a large city in the western part of the Ukraine. Lviv is still relatively unscathed so she is still able to ship her work. 

Shown above her interpretation of one of Van Gogh's (1853-1890) famous sunflowers artworks- he actually painted 12 sunflower paintings in all

Hanna's take (above) on Gustav Klimt's (1862-1918) famous The Kiss painting captures the real gold leaf and abstract elements the artist used. 

The Kiss by Gustav Klimt

Claude Monet (1840-1926) inspired this beauty below.  I love how Hanna manages to put in all the myriad colors of the water lily pond. The French impressionist painted not just one water lily canvas but over 250 of them in his lifetime. This collection as well as that of Van Gogh's Starry Night is arguably one of the most iconic Impressionist art work. 

Again, I marvel at Hanna's skill for capturing the spirit of Edgar Degas' (1834-1917) work featuring ballerinas. 

Edvard Munch's (1863-1944) The Scream is yet another iconic image of art which also inspired Hanna. 

Her collection also includes her Mona Lisa earrings. Leonard de Vinci's (1452-1519) Mona Lisa was very well regarded in the art world but it didn't reach global fame until it was stolen in 1911. The greatest art heist of the 20th century was perpetuated by an Italian Louvre worker who claimed he did it for patriotic reasons. He allegedly thought the painting was "stolen" from Italy by Napoleon. He was mistaken.

Claude Monet's Irises

Inspired by Van Gogh's Starry Night

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