British designer, Patricia Verrier, says she has always beaded throughout her working life as she shifted from being an astrophysicist to mathematician and to software engineer. 

Her mathematically inclined brain clearly loves geometry as you can see from her 3D tutorials on  her Etsy, BeadMechanics.  They are awesome, ranging from the simpler 5 and 3 colored tetrahedrons as shown at the top and bottom, to more challenging designs for intermediate to advanced beaders. Some of the more complex ones will require a curved needle.

My favorite has to be her Mira Star design, shown below, which can be used for spectacular hanging ornament. 

You can see more of her incredible work on her website, BeadMechanics and on her Instagram

Truncated octahedron made from peyote warped hexagons

Dodecahedron made from peyote stitch, herringbone increases and Sue Harle's original diagonal tubular peyote technique (used with kind permission).

Dodecahedron made from peyote warped hexagons

Icosahedron made from peyote ovals

Rhomboic Mosaic using peyote diamonds

3 Color Tetrahedron

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