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How to Make Gallery Wire Bezels Without Soldering

Gallery wire is a highly decorative strip of metal which metalsmiths use to make bezels around focal gemstones.  They typically solder the joins.

Not into soldering?  You can still use gallery wire to make pretty bezels. Here are two ways. You should choose gallery wire which has prongs on both sides of the strips. This feature will help hold the cabochon you use by bending the prongs onto the stone. It's also helpful if there were holes along the central part of the strip - or you could punch out a hole if needed.

The first tutorial is by Wyatt White for Beadalon.  He uses 20 G wire to create a bail. A thinner wire is used initially to help hold the gallery wire ends together.  He only folded over half the prongs. I think it's best to fold down all of them as those still upright prongs could catch long hair.  


The other tutorial using gallery wire uses just a simple jump ring for the bail. The British instructor is Claire for JewelleryMaker.  I would probably also do a bit of wiring to secure the gallery wire ends together.

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  1. I love gallery wire. It's so ornate and gorgeous. I simply haven't learned how to make bezels with it yet by soldering so this is a great tutorial! Thanks for sharing it!

  2. Great tips, thanks for sharing!

  3. This is a great idea if you have access to gallery wire.

    1. For most of us, it will have to be an online order!

  4. Wonderful tutorial!! Thanks so much for sharing. I was looking for a double sided bezel.


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