Isaac Shoulderblade of ShoulderbladeDesigns is a Native American of the Northern Cheyenne tribe. He makes beautiful CNC cut and lathe turned wood rings with beaded inlays.  He began to connect more with his indigenous culture only in the last year and a half. He grew up largely in the foster system and did not have anyone who could pass down the traditions to him. He knew  eadwork is very much a part of the culture so he learned to bead. 

He initially shared his hobby in wood ring making on his TikTok.  The response was positive, including a viral video entitled Every Child Matters. His ring design was dedicated to the 215 native children whose remains were found in unmarked graves last year on the site of a Catholic run residential school in Canada. 

Isaac now offers custom designs of his beaded wood rings. He also as a fabulous fidget ring version as well as mica infused colored rings. The part circle versions make lovely earrings.  Watch the Insider video which shows how he makes his rings.

His designs sell out quickly.  So be sure to check his Instagram or his Facebook to be notified of his new offerings. 

Fidget beaded ring

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