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Watch This Artisan Create a Silver Cuff Bracelet from Two Wire Coils

I've made wire coil bracelets before (see first two links below) but what this Nepalese metalsmith does is clever.  He creates two wire coils from scratch - that is, melting the metal and making the wire. He then puts them together for his open cuff design! 

He uses internal wires to help stabilize the coils. 

Apart from his torch and a rolling mill, he uses very basic equipment, much as long ago metalsmiths would have had.  He has to use a torch to anneal (soften) the thick wire. However, I wonder if I could work with thinner and thus more malleable wire to make a similar sort of design? It would have to be smaller coils. 

See more on his Youtube channel, We Make Jewelry, including some chain mail demonstrations. 

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  1. I love how such a simple design conceals the knowledge and expertise that goes into making this stunning bracelet! I love silver and know this is something I'd be taking home if I could!

  2. Wow!! What a beautiful bracelet. I love the design and concept!! Thanks Pearl.

  3. Loved it. At first, I wondered why they were taking a file to it until I realized that the coils were round and they were making them flat. I often wish that I could afford all of the equipment necessary to work with metal. Oh well, there wouldn't be enough room for it considering how much room is taken up by my beads. I watched the video that followed which was "Multifunctional Ring/Swiss Army". The way they included all of the usual Swiss Army tools inside a ring was amazing. My only question - even though they were very small, would the ring make it through security at the airport? LOL


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