The Insider shared this wonderful video of the restoration of a misshapen 1930's ring into a beautiful piece.  Macy is the metalsmith who goes over the many steps she has to take to bring this ring back to its full glory. 

She not only had to remove the old resizing portion, correct the shape and repair the prongs but she also had to replace the synthetic spinel stone which was broken. The gorgeous result shows how badly damaged vintage pieces can still have value and beauty decades after they were made. 

Macy is one of the jewelers from MaejeanVintage - a shop owned by gemmologists, Laura Mae and Amanda Jean Hornberger of Lancaster, Pennsylvania. 

They said :
We are a sister team passionate about vintage & antique jewelry. Maejean Vintage stocks items from the late 1800s - 1970s. Every single item in our store is handpicked by either Laura Mae or Amanda Jean. (I bet you can figure out why we named our store Maejean Vintage) We specialize in classic vintage & antique jewelry. We believe that some of the finest, highest quality, and timeless pieces were made decades ago. Connecting customers with little pieces of history is our passion.
A must see store! They have so many gorgeous vintage pieces as well as modern ones. Here is a small selection of my favorites :

Note : Edward VII ruled Great Britain from 1901-1910. But the Edwardian era is generally defined as the period from 1901 to the beginning of World War I in 1914.

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