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Geometric Modern Art Jewelry by zazdesignShop

Greek artisan, Daria Zazirei, of zazdesignShop, designs and meticulously creates modern art style jewelry. Her talented use of geometric elements and color shows in every piece.

Daria uses a variety of materials including wood, metal, paper, glass beads and even rubber.  She hand paints and well as uses the decoupage technique. One of my favorites from her collection is the monogram necklace below. 

Daria says :
I am a passionate graphic designer, illustrator, minimal-living and bullet-journal enthusiast, am highly obsessed with focusing on details of any kind, love handmade lettering and geometric art and am convinced that I have a slight OCD disorder ))).
Perhaps, Daria! But the exquisite workmanship is the result!

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  1. I'm always amazed at some people's versatility in their work - taking everything they come across and having a vision for it. Daria dos this exquisitely!


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