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The success of the movie trilogy, Lord of the Rings, as well as the tv series, Game of Thrones, have sparked a huge interest in medieval and elven designs.  One group of artisans who make inspirational and fantasy jewelry, accessories and costumes is Armstreet who are based in Kharkiv, Ukraine. 

They do not make historical reconstructions per se but what they do is very, very good and well priced.  These creations are sure to please cosplayers, medieval eventers and even for brides - their circlets and tiaras are gorgeous.

The group have artisans who are skilled at leather and metal work.  Their leather belts and bags are adorned with beautiful brass work. 

Most of what they make are custom designs but they do have a small collection of ready to ship. 

I've also included their incredible gorgets - metal collars to protect the throat. The grey one shown below would look fabulous with a long sleeve black gown. 

Fibula Pins 

They also make full or partial armor for both men and women. Pauldrons are the shoulder guards and bracers are the arm guards - the latter are typically worn by archers to protect their arms. Exquisite metal work!

How to Dress in Medieval Armor

Watch this fascinating Modern History TV's episode which shows Jason Kingsley, The Modern Knight, explain how a knight would put on his mid-15th century armor, what the different pieces do, how it feels to wear, move and ride in it.  We often think of knights being ungainly in all that armor but while very heavy (approximately 60-70 lbs), the articulated plate metal bits are designed to allow full movement. 

The padded gambeson (jacket) worn underneath the armor gets really filthy. These were custom made from natural fibers to fit knights. No dry cleaning in those days so they were never washed. Modern knights can get washable versions these days!

Remember battles could last hours and there would be no bathroom breaks. So pity the squire who had to keep the metal clean and polished. 

Can You Go to the Toilet in Medieval Armor (and other stories)?  is also by Jason Kingsley who has done a lot of historical research as well as practical demonstrations for the time period. I highly recommend his channel ModernHistoryTV for medieval fans. 

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