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Beadweaving Pearls and Rhinestone Rondelles into a Lovely Pendant

Rondelles are useful as spacers but one of the cleverest uses of rondelles is this tutorial by Japanese beading instructor, Sapphirus. She bead weaves 7 rondelles with two Swarovski round pearls in such a way, the pendant looks like it was made that way. 

The English instructions as with the materials needed are given in the video itself. 15/0 seed beads are cleverly used to help position the rondelles in place. 

There is not much else I can say for this innovative and clever perfection!

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  1. how clever! this pendant looks like fine jewelry, rather than bead woven. thanks for sharing.

  2. Sapphirus is just about my most favorite designer. Her work is always simple to do, but stunning is appearance, Am I wrong that she also goes by Sonnysree - another one of most favorite designers.

    1. No, they are two different people. Sapphirus is in Japan. Sonysree Creations is Canadian. I love both their work.

  3. How did I miss this post? Brilliant idea!

  4. Thank you for publishing Beading Gem. There's always interesting news and I love seeing what people are making/doing. So many talented people!


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