Lindsay Griffin is a wire artist from Wyoming. She is also a wonderful instructor on Youtube.  Shown here is her wire wrapped sword pendant tutorial

She lists all the supplies needed in the video description (follow the link to the tutorial). It's important to use thick wire - 16G for the foundation and a thicker than usual wire gauge for the wrapping - 22G rather than the typical 26G or 28G wire. The sword design will look much better than if you used thinner wire. 

One rather unusual part of her design is the use of 3 Swarovski flat back crystals for contrast color. Why not round crystals? That is because these crystals sit on a flattened foundation wire. No glue is used. The crystals are trapped with wire. Neat!

Swords are not just weapons but they are also symbols of power, strength and protection and have been for eons. Hence the enduring use of this design element in jewelry making. 

The crafting of swords is an art form.  One of the reasons why Japanese swords called katanas are so expensive today is that they are incredible works of art and status symbols. Watch this Insider video which shows how a master swordsmith creates a beautiful katana, a process which can take 18 months and cost thousands. 

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