This double sliding knot bracelet style is a classic. Quick and easy to do, it's one for bookmarking as you can make many gifts in a short space of time. Being able to use up all sorts of odd beads is a bonus!

The tutorial instructor is Alexandra at Beadaholique.  She uses 2 mm cord but you can always use thinner ones especially if you are limited by bead hole size. Pandora style beads as well as lampwork beads are some examples of large hole beads.  Beadaholique has many types of cords

I like her tip for using crimp covers to keep the bead set in place.  Knots are usually used but this option is less desirable for thicker cords. An alternative is to coil some wire around the cord.  Check this past tutorial feature on how to use a straw spacer if you find it difficult to pass the cord end through inside the coiled section. 

You could also make two coiled wire "beads" instead of sliding knots.  See my past tutorial -Make Personalized Adjustable Cord Bracelets | How to Coil a Large Hole Wire Bead.

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