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Awesome Polymer Clay Jewelry by ThatsFreakinGorgeous | Alcohol Ink Art Prints by JaymieMitchellStudio

Polymer clay is a truly artistic medium. Designers are able to put their distinct stamp on their work. One such designer is Canadian polymer clay artist, Jaymie Mitchell of ThatsFreakinGorgeous.  I suspect she named her store thus because she had had a lot of wonderful compliments regarding her work. 

Jaymie is a prolific creator with well over 400 designs spread out in different collections. This made it very difficult for me to choose a selection to feature!

 She excels in so many ways. She can add textures and rich colors, decorate her pieces with small polymer pieces and so on. The most distinctive feature is her way of combining metal elements with polymer clay ones to great effect. 

Have a wander through her wonderful store and you will see what I mean!

Jayme is also an amazing alcohol ink artist. These are some of the fine art prints from JaymieMitchellStudio

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  1. Jayme's work is absolutely phenomenal! Simple but effective especially combined with her metal pieces. It's obvious that Jayme is one of those people who HAS to create! I'm still on the first few pages of her shop but I've a huge smile on my face as I look through her store!

  2. I have to add that I don't get the whole snake earring thing. Being terrified of snakes I notice that she has a TON of them in her store. Simply not for me. I do understand it's an easy thing to make and decorate but I don't understand wearing them - but that's simply me I know.

    1. Snake symbols have been popular for thousands of years. In some cultures snakes are sacred. They symbolize fertility and eternal renewal and even passion.

  3. I can't get enough of the pictures in this post! The textures are impressive!


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