I've covered all sorts of tutorials and gift boxes before - see links below. But never funny ones. Canadian designer, Matthew Green of RxGrins has delightful well made takes on familiar non-prescription medicine in boxes and bottles as well as candy bars.  There are mugs and prints too as well as a repellent spray mockup. 

But they are empty and meant to be filled with candy.... and perhaps small jewelry gifts?  A double delight as the packaging induces laughter and the sweet or shiny gifts inside will please the recipients. 

His packaging parodies are funny -  he includes tongue-in-cheek symptoms and directions! I had a hard time selecting just a few to feature as there were so many to choose from. Laughter is indeed the best medicine!

Be sure to visit his other store, tetravariations for amazing DIY paper masks - great to go with costumes for Halloween or just for fun. 

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