I don't know about you, but I simply load memory wire bracelets with beads in either a repeating pattern or in sections of different beads.  That is the simplest way. 

But Luisa Schanuel of MistyMoonBeadedArt wanted to make multi-coil memory wire bracelets stunning with focal bead patterns in sections. The trouble is, that takes a lot of trial and error, stringing and unstringing loads of beads. Loads and loads. 

So she worked on the problem and solved it with her ingenious system (patent pending) which she called Coil Buddy. I have no prior association with Luisa. I actually stumbled on her invention through Youtube which then led me to her Etsy store. 

There is a concertinaed guide with specific markings at the ends for different coil diameters as well as fine metal rods equipped with stoppers at each end. The rods are fine enough to go through beads.

Unlike a typical bead board, the beads sit snugly against each other in a straight line. There are no gaps between each strung bead which means when the memory wire is loaded, these beads will retain their positions relative to each other. 

Watch her introductory video which explains how the Coil Buddy works. 

How to get your patterns to line up is where she explains why the optimum 20G memory wire works much better than the more commonly available thinner versions. Reducing any chance of any bead not sitting exactly upright is important. Note - use a memory wire cutter NOT your ordinary flush cutters to cut memory wire. You will ruin the latter if so as memory wire is very strong shape memory alloy.  Fun fact : The dental braces you might have worn to straighten teeth is memory wire!  

Here are her tips and tricks -worth watching because "there are a lot of variables which can affect the alignment of your beads."

Luisa also sells just the rods in two lengths - 9 inches and 12 inches. 

Nifty tool!

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