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You do not have to use expensive materials to make a layered snowflake ornament! Nor do you have to know how to bead or do wirework - see links below for those.   Check out this tutorial by HappyBird'sGlitterNest

She uses various snowflakes which can be bought in packs at the Dollar Tree and places like that. You can also use metal filigrees if you want to go a bit fancier than that. 

Her tutorial shows how she adds glitter to some of the components and how they are layered. Small brooches can also be used for the centers or consider even bead embroidered elements. 

Maybe make sets of these as gifts?

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  1. Oh the things people do with Dollar Tree items! these would be fun to do with grandkids, they love glitter!

  2. Not to mention a great cost effective activity!


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