Polish designer, Dorota (Didi )Kowalski of CraftyBeadArt, says she hasn't been beading all that long. It doesn't show as her beaded tutorials demonstrate her passion for the craft and her productivity.  She has received many positive comments which hopefully will give her the confidence to continue what she loves.

She creates mostly beaded bracelets with lovely flower and geometric inspirations. Her floral tutorials are my favorites. Some of them have petals which extend off the edge of the rectangular bracelets. 

Her modern style look of her geometric designs is also striking. One of her most vibrant creations is the one which she calls "Energetic Mood". I like how she has a set with this design.  Perhaps the designer will create more pairings for the future.  Peyote bracelet lovers should definitely keep an eye on this creator!

She has offered readers a forever discount code of 20%. Use the code : BEADINGGEM.

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