Bead designers come from all walks of life.  Texan, Susan a.k.a. TheBeadEngineer, uses her particular set of professional skills on a much smaller scale with beading! 

She designs lovely peyote beaded Christmas balls including an adorable kitten one below. She has a range of triangle beaded peyote balls with different sizes, patterns and color schemes. The patchwork quilt inspired one above is one of my favorites. She has 16 designs so far so be sure to check out her store as I have only selected some to showcase here.

Susan explained :
I'm an equal opportunity crafter; however beading has been a favorite since 2004 when my niece, who shall be nameless, asked me to teach her something. Having no idea, I put my engineering skills to work to figure it out. Every year for her birthday, she'd ask to learn more, and more. After a few years of that, she stopped asking, but it was too late. I was hooked. After several years of "encouragement" from another, who shall remain nameless, I'm finally getting around to opening my Etsy shop!

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