There were many positive comments about Erika Pal's first book for last week's Wire Wrapping Jewelry Book Giveaway.  Her style of wire wraps is what grabs people's attention. Christine said it best, "I love the curve and balance in her designs. To borrow a description from an art friend, "Lyrical!" The flow of her designs makes them attractive without overdoing the whole look. 

One reader who already purchased the book is Barbara. Here is what she said, "I looked at the "inside" of the book, saw techniques and in particular those invaluable, tiny but ingenious tweaks I'd never seen, even though I've been using wire for 15 years. I've been following Erika Pal for years online, but, totally agree with you, having a book is so much better. I don't have to search for hours trying to remember where I saw a particular technique or pattern and by whom -- I have hundreds of YouTube videos and thousands of photos saved to wade through." Good points, Barbara!

Sneaky Burrito added, "I love flipping through physical craft books. I find I tend to pay more attention to the pictures than the text when I am actually trying to do the projects (though I think you were quite fair in your discussion of the font, etc.). I also worry less about spilling something on a book than on my laptop!" This actually happened to me several years ago - I spilled a glass of water over my laptop keyboard and had to replace it. 

So who won? I numbered all the eligible entries and got the random number generator over on to do the picking. The lucky winner is Voltzia!  Congratulations!

Didn't win?  You can purchase it through Amazon in most countries. 


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