Both my mother and I really liked the St Petersburg stitch when we tried it together several years ago. It is very easy to do. I've come across many bracelet designs but I went looking for necklace tutorials because these are are more challenging to get right given the natural slant of the stitch.

Here are my finds.  First up is Sonysree Creations, a most worthy designer to support!  This beadwork designer has the knack for simplicity and innovation - not an easy combination. She has 3 incredible takes on the St Petersburg stitch.

The first tutorial is a fringe version which takes advantage of that slant. 

Her second tutorial is no less incredible as she makes spirals with the stitch making them like pinwheels or Catherine wheel fireworks. 

Her third design tutorial is also at the genius level as she makes peacock feather shapes with the stitch. 

The second designer is actually a mother and daughter team,  Cara and Lane Landry of SimpleBeadPatterns. I have featured them before. They specialize in simpler designs as their shop name suggests. 

This first design tutorial is a v-shaped necklace with shortened bead lengths. It's not obvious, at first glance, that it is made with the St Petersburg stitch. 

Their second St Petersburg stitch necklace tutorial uses bugle beads giving it a sweeping look. 

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