Different polymer clay artists have different ideas on how to make dragonfly focals. Here are some of them!

I have featured the work of British polymer clay artist, Fiona Abel-Smith of PolyOriginals before. She has many fabulous tutorials. 

Her Youtube channel is also a gem. I love her dragonfly pendant tutorial (click to go there) for a number of reasons. Firstly, it is gorgeous with a reverse egg shape background as shown above.. She demonstrates many techniques like how to make a Skinner blend, how to use an extruder and what to do if you don't have one, and last but not least, how make the iridescent wings.

Also cool is her idea of using the dragonfly design to make decorative polymer clay holders

You can download the dragonfly pendant template from her website. Scroll down to the bottom. 

This second tutorial is by Alison Merritt Of Dream Weaver Designs Jewelry. Her dragonfly does not sit on a background and the wings are screen printed and made iridescent with mica powder. The screens and cutters are no longer available but you can substitute with other screens and come up with your own wing template. 

Romanian polymer clay artist, JustHandmade,  used liquid polymer clay with some glitter and microbeads to create the dragonfly wings in her tutorial. But you can definitely substitute or add mica powder for the extra shimmer.

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