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Quick Wire Wrapped Earrings Tutorial Uses Up Odd Beads

I have a rather round face so I am always on the lookout for long earring styles. This wire wrapped earrings tutorial by UK based Lily-Tree is a stylish one which caught my eye.

It is also an easy way to use up odd beads. The length is also variable depending on personal preferences. The instructor suggests great variations.

The wire gauges are listed in the video. Beginners will find using 20G for the main part and 26 G for the wrapping easier. 

Check out their youtube channel for more easy wire work projects. 

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  1. I was reminded of a Bobby Pin when she created the first part of the earring, that made me wonder if anyone ever used Bobby Pins to make jewelry? I've seen paper clip and safety pin jewelry, but I don't recall Bobby Pin jewelry.... hmmmm

    1. Yes, there is at least one designer who uses bobby pins for jewelry! Heather of BluKatDesign

  2. I love Lily Tree and have tried some of her tutorials - very well made! It's a good idea to start the new year with these earrings :)


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