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Another Fabulous Ocean Inspired Resin Jewelry Tutorial

Ocean or beach wave resin art sure is popular.  I have featured a couple of beach wave tutorials before (see links below) but this one by Fran Valera of Little Windows is fabulous, too. 

She has simplified it in that there is no sand used.  But she shows how you get the wavy and sometimes frothy look with just alcohol ink and white resin colorant. She also made her designs glow in the dark!

Fran has always shown her skill with resin work but in the video, she did not remove her little accident where she dropped a bottle into the work in progress.  Shows these happen with the best of them!  And she carried on regardless incorporating the little whoopsie into the final design. 

However, the part where I chuckled was when she showed her utter delight with the squishing in of metal elements at just the right stage of resin curing to get a ripple effect. You can see it best with the seahorse design above.  The stage is when the resin can be lifted up with a pin much as whipped egg whites display stiff peaks.

Really cool tutorial to learn from. 

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  1. Whew what a lot of work but the end result looks lovely! I watched with the sound off and found just watching the effects of each additional bit was very interesting. Knowing when to stop when adding in an swirling the white is key isn't it!

    1. Knowing when to stop is also key to other techniques!

  2. Pearl, I'm so glad you posted this. Will confess I skipped over it on the Little Windows project pages because I'm not so into glow in the dark ideas for what I'm hoping to do. But..., I missed out on Fran's latest successful efforts with layering, playing with resin thickness timing to create dimension, and techniques to approximate more wave and lacy looks that are achievable with resin pours vs doming resin. I'm kinda in the same boat starting out with Apoxie Clay; what can I approximate of certain polymer techniques/effects (ie skinner blends, or chatoyancy) within the working differences and limits of epoxy clay.... That's a rhetorical question for now. I'm not finding an awful lot so far on that front. But back to Fran's efforts - Yay! Silicone oil might be a bit much but boy, alcohol drops were successful in her ocean creations. I'll be going back and making time chart notes. Thank you and Happy Happy New Year. C

    1. Epoxy clay such as Apoxie is a whole different thing. Trying out polymer clay techniques with epoxy is not going to be very successful. One issue is the limited working time. Another is the workability is not the same. Fran is indeed very inspirational with her resin work!

  3. She is a genius! now I want to dig out the resin stuff and try ocean scenes again. I was underwhelmed with previous results, now I know what I need to get and do! thank you.


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