British watch specialist, Joe of Nekked Watchmaker  is a watchmaker who services and restores old watches. Watch this Insider video which shows him restoring an iconic and highly desirable (especially the pre-owned ones) dress watch - a Tank Must de Cartier from the 1980's. This particular collection were then available with red, green and blue faces.

Louis Cartier created the first Tank watch in 1917, inspired by the tanks of World War I - they are still made to this day

The watch did not work and showed considerable damage after spending decades in a damp basement. Joe carefully takes the watch apart, setting aside each tiny piece so he doesn't lose anything.  He cleans every part, manages to have a spare screw to replace the one that was missing and re-gold plates the case. 

His skill and expertise is evident as he fixes and calibrates the watch's movement. And finally, the leather strap was completely replaced. To see a manual wind, jewelled movement watch function is to realize how unattractive a battery powered quartz watch interior is. 

The watch still retained some marks of wear which could not be fixed without damaging the watch.  As Joe said, "Sometimes you just have to know when to stop." Wise words.

An incredible restoration job! 

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