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Clever Faux Tassel Polymer Clay Earrings Tutorial

This lovely fan shaped earrings tutorial is actually a very clever faux tassel polymer clay idea by designer, Victoria of SunDAYdiy. Her Youtube channel is full of great creative tips. 

She shows us how to get that tassel effect by "slashing" with a metal tool.  She shows how to make a simple U-shape wire finding but you can also buy findings. Her other inspirational design shown at the end is also lovely. 

Remember to work harden any wire findings you make by hammering with a nylon or rubber mallet.  

H/T to Aims of Big Blue Barn Designs

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  1. These really are pretty earrings. I can see them done in different colours. If you were doing a market it would be fun to set up a number of different colours and go to town making a large selection of them. I think I've just given myself a plan!

  2. so clever! I would have bet those were string tassels. I just spent.... a lot of time... watching her channel. so many great ideas!

  3. Another rock star with polymer effects!
    Taking copious notes.

    Her napkin heart tutorial is also lovely.


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