German designer, Claudia Schumann of Creanon is a most unusual beader. Not only does she come up with her own beadwork designer but for many years, she is also a publisher!

Shown here are some of my favorites from her tutorial collection as well as a couple of her English language beading books and two German ones. She also provides beading kits based on book tutorials.

Claudia explained :
I founded it in 2004 and in total we made 44 books, mostly about beading. There are translations from English books like from Laura McCabe or Marcia DeCoster, titles from german bead artists like Sabine Lippert or Petra Tismer and some totally my work. I also have 30 single patterns published. 

We translated four of our books and all of my single patterns into English. When we started there was only one online shop in Germany (as far as I know) who had Japanese beads and so we started to sell all the beads and needed materials online. This is what I still do to today. Nowadays we do not publish any more books because times changed and physical books are no longer asked for.

She also explains how she goes about designing and producing a tutorial :
While sitting on the sofa and watching - no, not watching, listening to a tv show, I figure out a design and beading it. This normally takes some try and error and several prototypes. Once I like the design and it works, I bead it again and write down some notes. With these notes and the piece, I shut down the tv and turn on the pc. Here I draw all the figures in a 3D program and then put all together in a layout program.
Her husband is her beading editor :
He reads the pattern and take a really close look at the piece and detects all my mistakes. Although he is not an experienced beader, he nearly finds all beading mistakes and also my grammar mistakes.

Claudia does all her own language translations. What an amazing designer!

English Book

German Book

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