Steelman24DE  is a group of amazing German metal workers who use ordinary stainless steel sheet and  hardware such as nuts, bolts, screws, washers and sometimes copper for their art. What they create is amazing small sculptures! 

One of their largest categories is the profession one where they use considerable imagination to depict loads of workers hard at work from a scientist, dentist, bricklayer, hairdresser to even a psychiatrist . Beautiful welding craftsmanship.

Each design begins as a drawing before a craftsman turns it into a sculpture.

Some of their designs are functional, like their desk organizers.  They even have a wine bottle holder section. I selected the Viking warrior one because the level of detail was wonderful. 

Definitely worth a wander through their shop to see the hundreds of designs from their collections.

Viking Warrior Wine Bottle Holder

H/T to Aims of Big Blue Barn Designs for this find.

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