Frogs aren't exactly cuddly creatures - they are a bit slimy with bulging eyes. Yet, there is something adorable about them.  They have inspired many a jewelry designer.  Here are 5 amazing takes on the amphibian theme!
The wonderful real acorn cap and resin pendant necklace shown above features a frog figurine on a dried mushroom!  The designer is US designer, Sergey Har of  FrozeninOceanLamp.
Below are the gorgeous lampwork frog and flower earrings from Florida based Paula of Madgeisdesigning.

Isn't this 18K gold filled frog ring adorable?  Available from AmelieJewelryyy which is based in California.

I love the mix of brass with a vintage print on wood in this pair of earrings by British designer, M Compton of ElsieLaviniaEclectic

This cute 3D printed frog on a mushroom earrings design is dual purpose - the mushroom cap unscrews to reveal the container! The designer is Alice of OrangeYewCurios in Maine.

Hilarious Real Life Frogs

These frogs live near noisy fast running streams. So what to do when lady frogs can't hear you croak

These are actually tiny Brazilian frogs. They are so small they no longer have enough of the balance system to stay stable when they jump. They just can't stick the landing!
This adorable little fellow lives in the sandy shores of Namibia and South Africa. It doesn't need to live in water. It grows from the egg straight to the adult, can't hop but walks. It can't croak either.

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