Canadian wire artists Andrea and Elena of GemSeekerStudio have done it again with their wonderful wire wrapped jewelry tutorials on their Youtube.  

I featured their 10 earrings tutorial before. Now, have a look at their 10 bracelet tutorials! The video is very long - almost 2 hours - as they are showing so many DIYs. But they have provided helpful timestamps. Just go to their video info and you will see each bracelet tutorial marked.

I love how they draw the design on paper. This helps them turn consistently wire when they need to especially if more than one bracelet is to be made from each design. 

It's a great collection as you get to see hammering, wrapping and braiding and generally about working with thick wire.  I recommend using a table top vice for braiding work.

Be sure to check out their store for detailed wire pendant tutorials as well as various finished pieces. 

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