Venetian Glass Intaglio of Apollo

Highly skilled craftsmen have been carving gemstones and glass for thousands of years. This art form is still practiced today. 

The only difference is the tools are now motorized whereas in olden times, the artisans only had hand tools.  Surely the most challenging has to be the carving of really small things. The final detailing tools will be pin tipped! 

One modern day intaglio artisan from Turkiye (formerly Turkey) is Azra Lara Uyar. Together with her Dad and others, they carve intaglios using Venetian glass for ArtTroy (Their main shipping office is based in New York). Intaglios can be carved either from the front or back.  Azar says they do theirs from the front of the glass piece. 

What is interesting about their work is what inspires them - mainly Roman and Greek style icons such as Apollo, the Greek god, Pegasus, the winged horse from Greek mythology, and so on. 

They offer both the cabochons as well as finished jewelry which includes the intaglios.   Glass intaglio cabochons would be so cool to use instead of gemstone cabochons for beadwork and wire work!

Venetian Glass Intaglio of Alexander the Great

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