Are you a hoarder like me with a ton of crochet cotton lying around? Consider making quick and easy crochet earrings!  The yarn comes in so many different colors AND you can add beads too. 

You can see what I mean when you check out Bulgarian designer, Dobromira Velikova's shop, MyHandmadePassion.  She has many designs especially for beading hoops although some of her tutorials do not require these findings. Scroll down for notes on hoop supplies.

A number of designs can be made for different sized hoops. She also offers great deals with her bundles.

Dobromira said her passion started a few years ago. Already an earrings addict with 300 (and growing) pairs in her collection, she spotted online a crochet pair she really liked.  Her mother taught her how to crochet and she hasn't stopped since!

She has recently separated her finished crochet jewelry from her tutorials. Check out her other site called CrochetJewelryByMHP.

 Notes on Hoop Supplies

Dobromira uses beading hoops. They are convenient as you can just hook the ear wires directly to them. The beading hoops are designed such you can carefully pull out the round wire from the main part which allows you to feed beads onto the wire. Some of her designs will require you to do that. 

 The beading hoops below from yadanabeads show the findings from behind. Just carefully pull out the wire from the metal tube, thread the beads, and then replace the wire.

One way to reduce the how low the earrings hang is to avoid ear wires and use hoops with levers as shown below which are available from MOBODUC. The business end goes through ear holes. But the design will be best viewed from the side for these hoop styles.

You can also get just simple circles like these stainless steel hoops from DOMEDBAZAAR . Just add a couple of small jump rings to the ear wires. 

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