I've made half round tassel earrings before - see this past tutorial. This style never gets old! I used small TierraCast crimpable cord ends like these for the half circle and made my own tassels. 

But there are other ways to make this style.  Take a look at this splendid tutorial for handmade half round copper fan tassel earrings. The Polish metalsmith designer is Ania Zalewska

She hand cut ovals (not rounds) from copper sheets and then texturized the metal. She uses a special pliers to make the little round dents - anyone know what that tool is?  I am now eyeing my dotting tool (inexpensive to get) which is actually used for nail art or dot paint mandalas. It will mean hammering from the other end.  

An old flat screwdriver used on its edge can also be used for the line texturing. Consider any other metal stamps for designs of your own. 

The tutorial is from the instructional section of a Polish jewelry making store, Royal-Stone. They do ship but if you are outside the EU, shipping costs will be much higher. You can get the tassel trims online such as from this store called DetailsTrimmings, which offers several colors shown below, or from your local haberdashery. 

The copper sheet used by the designer is 0.5 mm thick which is 25G.  You can use metal snips to cut  24-26G copper sheet if you are not into using a jewelry saw (who, me?)

The tutorial is not in English. For computer users, use the Chrome browser, you will be asked if you want a translation or right click on any white space and select translate to English. For Firefox, add the Google Translate extension first, then right click as for Chrome.  For mobile device users, use the Chrome app (free) and agree to the translation when asked. 

H/T to reader Cally Ross for this find.

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