UK based Kara Kazanova of Kara's Beads is a wonderful designer. Check out her youtube channel! I just love her even count peyote twist bracelet and ring design.  The contemporary style and the raised design is novel. 

She demonstrates and explains her design very well with her twist bracelet tutorial. Each pair of twisted strands are joined together at a sort of raised bridge portion before proceeding to the next straight section. Clever!

Amy Davis shared some useful tips in the comments section of the tutorial. She said :

I'm actually in the process of making this bracelet, and it is so satisfying and enjoyable to make. I already made the "matching" ring and can't wait until I can wear the set! Some things that might help others make this pattern slightly easier.... 
First, just remember, you are always alternating between the first and second colors... one #1, one #2, one #1, etc. 
Second, when doing the strips of 25 .... count out and separate 25 beads of your secondary color and you'll know, when those are used up you have reached the end of that strip. 
Third, you don't have to turn your work at the end of each row... You can actually work the row away from you, then instead of turning the work around, just work the next row back towards you (doing this saves a LOT of time!).

And here is that stunning twist ring tutorial  she mentioned above :

Her Celtic Knot bracelet tutorial is just as gorgeous! It has the look of long braided strands and lies flatter than her Twist bracelet design. She connects the strands side by side together as she beads.

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