I first came across Germany based Tetyana Smeykal's work when I found and featured one of her earrings shown below. The unusual and open frame design led me to the rest of her shop, BlackLilyBeadwork and I wasn't disappointed!

She has a mix of jewelry as well as Christmas ornament tutorials in both English and German. Can't read the listing info?  Just click on the translate button in the listing.


A life long crafter, her journey with beads began about 20 years ago when she wanted to make an Easter egg as a present for a lovely person she knew. She now cannot imagine life without working with beads!

Tetyana explained further :

The main source of inspiration for me is geometry. It was my favorite subject at school and I also have a university degree in math. 

To this day I am still fascinated by geometric patterns, three-dimensional figures, the golden ratio, fractals and... and... and... Math is full of beauty and harmony, and beads are a very fertile ground for their expression. Another source of inspiration for me is jewelry from the 1920s, that is Art Deco style, which is also closely related to geometry. I love the clean and elegant forms, the straight lines and angles, symmetry and proportions of Art Deco. I think you can see an influence of the style in my designs.

Her love and talent for both beadweaving and mathematics certainly shows!

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