Watercolor painting is an extremely old technique dating back to paleolithic cave paintings. It's still a popular art technique today.  

Deb of Clayboutiqueis a British expatriate now living in the US. She has a wonderful polymer clay jewelry tutorial showing how to get a watercolor effect.  Her list of supplies used is in the video description.

She starts with a skinner blend so beginners can see how the color mixing is done.  But the oohs and ahhs will begin when she starts taking thin slices and reveals the beautiful colors. 

These thin slices are then added to a base layer. I love how each piece is utterly unique. 

Here is Deb's video on how she finishes her polymer clay pieces.  I really like her little buffing machine from Harbor Freight! She uses UV resin but you can also use regular epoxy resin which needs an overnight cure.

H/T to Aims of Big Blue Barn Designs for this find.

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