Ilana Kosenko is a talented Latvian polymer clay artist who has a knack of putting together different polymer pieces to create stunning designs. Not just for jewelry either. She creates unique polymer clay art to adorn the sides of mugs and even glass storage lids.

Want to make your own?  You are in luck,  Ilana and her husband have a physical polymer clay store but they also sell online through PolymerClayLatvia.  They offer all the tools and materials including some awesome silicone molds (which can also be used for resin work) and polymer clay cutters. 

Shown above is her finished polymer clay decorated mug.  The polymer clay design is built up directly on the mug itself. It is then baked in the oven as is. After baking, the design is popped off and reapplied using glue. The mug is hand wash only and no microwaving!  

You can also decorate the lids of storage jars as shown in this kit.  What a wonderful gift this would make with the jar filled with a soup or cookie mix.

The fruit in Ilana's Berries and Fruit silicone mold collection turns out so deliciously good!  Makes one wish they were edible. 

Her finished cloudberries bracelet is a wonderful inspirational example of using her berry molds.

My favorites from her Flowers and Leaves silicone mold collection are her succulent ones. These come in different shapes and sizes.  These will help you make succulents ever so easily!

It is important to fill the mold properly. Just like resin work, air bubble gaps are not wanted! Watch Ilana's video tutorial on  how to make succulent jewelry here. Larger molds have to be filled slowly, with small amounts of polymer clay - see this tutorial.  It is important to wait until a large piece has cooled to room temperature after baking otherwise there is a risk cracking when unmolding.

There are more useful tutorials on Ilana's Youtube channel

Another favorite of mine is her wonderful 3D printed leaf cutter with a silicone veiner for making lovely poinsettia leaves.  The veiner is essential to give the flat polymer cut outs texture. See the video tutorial for that demonstration. The stamens can be purchased from their store too. 

Some of the polymer clay creations will have to be hand painted such as this very festive Christmas silicone mold

Ilana's tutorial here shows how to paint a large piece. Her recommendation is to paint before curing if you are using pastels. Acrylic paints are applied after curing.  Glossy finishes can be applied - these could be resin or some kind of varnish - see this section

There is so much more in her store than what I can write about. Do check it out!

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