Gemstones occupy starring roles in jewelry designs. They come in so many colors and shapes. Some of the most scrumptious specimens I have seen for a long time are those from Anniesbead. They also have a physical store in Houston, Texas. 

Shown here are some of my picks from their large collection of beads and pendants such as the hand carved jasper maple leafs above. I think these would make a wonderful focal for necklaces. 

Some of my favorite gemstones are multi-colored ones - the fluorite teardrops below are gorgeous. Round beads are so versatile and popular. However, never underestimate the usefulness of faceted gemstone rondelles. 

Be sure to check the sizes of the beads in Anniesbead - some of them are very small such as the 2 mm tourmaline beads shown below! 

Fluorite teardrop beads

There are some unusual offerings. One pendant I spotted was so unique. It was composed of three gems, ammonite, abalone MOP and pearls. I am not sure what surrounds them - hematite? crystals?

The galaxy or multi-colored tiger eye (at the end) are the real gemstones but they have been dyed. The different hues add another dimension to the natural variations of tiger eye. And perhaps more versatility to designs. 

Ammonite, Abalone MOP and Pearl Pendant

Blue apatite beads

2 mm tourmaline beads

Faceted amazonite beads

Galaxy tiger eye rondelle beads (dyed)

H/T to Aims of Big Blue Barn Designs for this find!

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