Nature is varied, diverse and complex. It is not binary. For example, the color of our hair, skin, eyes, whether we are left-handed, right-handed or ambidextrous are just some of the many biological variations in humans. So it is with sexual orientation and gender.  

People can be attracted to the same or opposite sex, or both or neither. People can be born as male or female but their gender identity as determined by their brains may be different. We do not have strictly male or female brains but a mix which varies between individuals. See LiveScience : Your Brain is a Mosaic of Male and Female. 

For example, some general assumptions about boys and men are that they prefer physical activities, have better gross motor skills, are competitive and disdain subjects like poetry and reading, unlike females. But on an individual level, boys and girls as well as men and women, vary a lot. There are boys who aren't into sports and don't grow up to be "macho" men, and there are girls who might be called tomboys because they exhibit male traits. And there are women who are, by nature, not at all nurturing.

These biological variations are not new phenomena. Also note, none of us have any choice in the genetic roll of the dice which determines who we are. How societies and cultures recognize or reject these biological differences varies across the world and with time. See my past post on the Overton Window

June is Pride month and this past weekend saw many celebrations around the world.  Shown here are some great creative designs which have garnered interest from prospective buyers.  Also check out the links below for other DIY rainbow jewelry designs. 

The beautiful gemstone and lava bead adjustable bracelet shown above is from Perimade's collection. 

These transparent spiral rainbow pride earrings below are the creation of EarringsWithATwist. I really like Rebecca's range of twist earrings designs.

Such pretty butterfly pronoun pins by Riverda

This beautifully colored pair of laser cut wood heart pride earrings  below is the work of SmuttyMutt. Kim has many good Pride designs in her chosen medium. 

Another really good laser cut wood design is this pair of connected pronoun earrings (sold as singles) by WildFancyDesign

The polymer clay rainbow pride earrings below is the work of SundriedPeach.

Pride LGBTQ2+ 2023 Celebrations Around the World

Watch this Global News (Canada) video on celebrations across the globe.

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