Beaded earrings are great to make and wear. They can be visually captivating. One of the most popular designs is the beaded fringe.  Check out UK based designer, Darcy Le Fleming of SnailsAndFairydustUK for a wonderful collection of pretty beaded earrings. She also offers other things including a few kits.

Darcy has a great way with geometric designs and colors. My favorites include her beaded earrings with looped fringe. Another favorite is her mushroom fringe earrings shown at the end.  They are striking indeed. Notice how she finishes the ear wire attachment part with wire guardians instead of beaded loops. This gives a more professional finish. 

Darcy explained that she : "...developed a passion for beading at the age of 10 when she received a bowl of seed beads and some fishing line at a Girl Scout camp in upstate New York. Her mother's support for creative arts helped her enhance her skills, and she started beading on a loom and reading every beading technique book she could find."

She has a new book out on Amazon called Learn to Make Brick Stitch Fringe Earrings : Step-by-Step Beading Tutorials Plus 20 Original Designs . You can also purchase the digital version on her Etsy. Check out her Youtube for some awesome tutorials. 

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